A private message gadget for your unique website page

MessageLeaf is a tool that enables visitors of a website to send their messages directly to the website owner.
On a website with MessageLeaf, a small pop-up window appears just when the visitor finishes reading the content, enabling the visitor to write a message on the page to the website owner. The owner can reply from the same page to continue the exchange of messages.

3 Features of MessageLeaf


The private setting makes visitors more likely to send feedback.

Unlike "comments", messages sent through MessageLeaf are private. This encourages visitors to send more direct and frank feedback. In the tested blog sites, the number of messages sent through MessageLeaf was 198 whereas the number of comments was only 49.


A "Face" makes messages sincere and personal.

In a message, the visitor’s Facebook account and picture are open to the website owner. Thus, because they are not anonymous, messages become more sincere and personal. In one case, an owner and visitor hit it off while exchanging messages and even eventually had lunch together.


More casual than e-mail, more meaningful than "Like!".

One-on-one communication is possible with e-mail, but not so suitable for sending short feedback. The friendly pop-up of MessageLeaf motivates visitors to tell their feelings, not at length but more in depth than “Like!”, to the website owner.

User’s Voice

After using MessageLeaf for about 2 weeks, I started feeling much more familiar with readers of my blog than before. I like MessageLeaf as it encourages meaningful communication. I got a message from one of my readers who had recently started a business, such as “I had difficulties in attracting online customers. Your blog post gave me a good suggestion. Looking forward to reading your blog articles.” I also received a collaboration offer from a senior business owner. Before I started using MessageLeaf, there were few comments posted, and I didn’t have meaningful communication with my readers.

MessageLeaf is an excellent tool to get to know my blog readers and to deepen relationships with them through exchange of comments. As the notion of "content marketing" prevails, it is considered important to deepen relationship with readers through web contents. In that sense, MessageLeaf is also a promising marketing tool.

  • Representative Director, Social Design

Hiroyuki Naganuma

I run a website called “Social Design News – Inspiration for the Near Future to Make a Better Society” .

Since I added MessageLeaf on the website, communication with my readers has increased dramatically. I think that “quality of contents” and “communication with readers” are the most important issues for future media.
MessageLeaf is a wonderful tool that accelerates “communication with readers.” I will keep using MessageLeaf on my website.

  • President and CEO, Bookmarks Inc.
  • Founder of Benkyo Café

Hiroshi Yamamura

MessageLeaf is an attractive tool for intellectual communication between writers and readers. Unlike messages usually posted in the comments section, I receive closed but high-quality messages through MessageLeaf. This enables unprecedentedly deep communication with readers.

Its UI is also great. It is designed to maximize user friendliness. A pop-up window appears just when I finish reading, prompting me to leave a message. I am also impressed that the pop-up is usually hidden and doesn't ruin the blog format.

MessageLeaf is just like a fan mail box perfectly designed for bloggers. Now I am much more excited about updating my blog than ever before.

FAQs and answers


Can I use MessageLeaf on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, but with some limitations. There are no automatic pop-ups available in smartphone or tablets, so you have to enlarge the gadget manually. If the website is “smartphone optimized” you can’t even see the gadget.


Do I need to pay to add MessageLeaf on my website?

The current functions are available for free. No advertisement is displayed.
In the future, we will offer a premium service for group usage.


Can I use MessageLeaf without a Facebook account?

Unfortunately no.
The visitor’s Facebook account and picture must be open to the website owner to ensure the quality of messages. Website owners can choose the account and picture that are shown to visitors. But they need to sign in with their Facebook account when they start using the service, because a website owner can be also a visitor of other websites.


Can I add MessageLeaf to my blog if I am using a free blog service?

MessageLeaf can be installed on these blogs.
Please contact info@messageleaf.jp if you are using another service.

Our Team

  • Eisuke (Ace) Suzuki Eisuke (Ace) Suzuki
  • Yoshihito Kuranuki Yoshihito Kuranuki
  • Shirou Fujiwara Shirou Fujiwara
  • Teruo Adachi Teruo Adachi
  • Maiko Watanabe Maiko Watanabe


The mission of MessageLeaf is to connect the content creators and visitors of unique websites.


MessageLeaf encourages new encounters and communication between content creators and visitors of unique websites.
Such numerous one-on-one communication will energize the content creators to produce still more valuable content. Creating that kind of virtual cycle is the vision of MessageLeaf.

About Us

Company name MessageLeaf Inc.
Location 4F, 2-10-15, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment July 2, 2012
Founders Eisuke Suzuki (CEO) and Yoshihito Kuranuki (CTO)
Shareholders Medical Insight Co.
Sonic Garden Inc.
Contact info@messageleaf.jp

Why we started MessageLeaf

Imagine when you visit websites.

You may want to tell something to the website owner. But in reality, you seldom post a comment in the comments section.

Why is that? There are certainly psychological hurdles. It is troublesome to enter your name and e-mail address, or you may feel uncomfortable letting other people see your post. Some websites don’t even have a comments section.

This is a shame. Even though a reader feels something about the content, the writer doesn’t have a chance to know exactly what it is. Although readers can “Like!” or “Tweet”, there is no direct interactive communication.

Everything on the Internet seems to be going social now, but we believe in the importance of closed communication.

We aim at creating a world where casual yet sincere messages are exchanged between website owners and visitors to yield a new “you and me relationship” everywhere. This is why we started MessageLeaf.